katsallday said: -He stands there with a pair of scissors in his hand and a towel draped over his forearm. He half smiles down at her.- Hello, love. -He blinks and glances down at the wool around her feet.- Would… you like help with that? -VM4

-She glances down and the pink lights flash in her cheeks-

Oh! I hardly noticed- No I’m fine. -She bends down and stumbles out of the woolen mess she’d made- I guess I was so wrapped up in what I was doing I didn’t realise. 

-She looks up again once she’s free and blinks, information processing as she puts together what the scissors and towel mean.-

Haircut time?

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    "His…other goal." -She’s quiet for sometime before the corners of her mouth quirk nastily- "I see. I hope you bring Miss...
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    -His jaw tightens and he stays quiet for some moments, only concentrating and cutting her hair. He tries to keep his...